Juiced Private Stock BSSMN

We are excited to finally offer this model to the public. It also can be found in popular video games. It comes in an all natural finish with a tar stain and gold logo and put through our juicer.  All created from the finest birch wood and delivered in a -3 weight drop. 

The BSSMN has one of the BIGGEST sweet spots in the game. Surprisingly balanced in feel, this bat features a medium sized tapered handle that quickly develops into a very large and long barrel. So large and long in fact that it registers on around the same balance point as a puck bat.  Exit velocity tests and our own "barrel finding" technology prove this beast worthy of future legends. This bat truly is the "big nimble".

All of our private stock bats are put through our patent pending "Juicer", which compresses and burnishes the wood. This creates a more game ready and durable product.