We are open! There might not be any games, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking hacks in the living room. We are masked, six feet apart, and cranking out bats ready to be shipped to your door.


34/31 oz - BL271 - Maple - Unfinished

Left over from our spring training stock.  These bats are made from the best hand split wood in the house.  

33.5/31 oz - BL271 - Maple - Honey/Black

The BL271 has a ticker handle and a slightly bigger barrel than the BM271, but it maintains the same basic profile. 

The BM271, a ubiquitous model used by hitters of every style, is the perfectly balanced baseball bat.  It boasts a medium barrel as well as a long, gradually tapered handle that transitions into a flared knob.  The BM271 uses a dense piece of wood, making it one of our most durable bats.